Education Cabinet

Education Cabinet

The Education Cabinet is the governing body of Pressman Academy. The Cabinet oversees the smooth operation of the Academy’s educational policies, finances, and committees, and is responsible for setting the school’s mission, education policy, and, tuition. It is comprised of 23 voting members who are parents, grandparents, and community members. The Cabinet works through the efforts of standing committees that are comprised of both Education Cabinet members and non-members. Those committees are:

  • Committee on Trustees
  • Budget & Finance Committee
  • Personnel Committee
  • ECC Committee
  • Day School Committee
  • Middle School Committee
  • Resource Development Committee


The Education Cabinet undertakes to assure the stability of the Academy and safeguard its educational mission. The mission of Pressman Academy is: Developing minds. Nurturing hearts. Instilling Jewish values. The Education Cabinet seeks to instill the values of the mission by encouraging inspired leadership committed to Jewish tradition, community, and the development of our children as both students and human beings. The Cabinet meetings are open to all parents and members of Temple Beth Am who are interested in learning more about the work of Pressman Academy.


Karen Fried

V.P. of Education/Chair of the Cabinet


Voting Members

  • Sarah Benor
  • Christy Chaloff
  • Hadar Cohen
  • Mike Cohn
  • Ronnie Eisen
  • Jennifer Elad
  • Elyssa Elbaz
  • BJ Elias
  • Sean Fitts
  • Karen Fried
  • Rachel Gereboff
  • Joelle Gryczman
  • Melissa Hirsch
  • Joanna Kasirer
  • Matt Lefferman
  • Avi Peretz
  • Ellen Pereg
  • Nina Reinis
  • Jay Sanders
  • Vanessa Stoff


  • Michelle Barton
  • Angie Bass
  • Mike Cohn
  • Susan Green
  • Joel Grossman
  • Sheryl Goldman
  • Dina Hellerstein
  • Erica Huls
  • Rabbi Yechiel Hoffman
  • Rabbi Adam Kligfeld
  • Rabbi Ari Lucas
  • Laura Notowitz
  • Jeff Rabin
  • Dr. Erica Rothblum
  • Linda Salem
  • Jay Sanders
  • Jill Sperling
  • Inez Tiger
  • Rabbi Chaim Tureff
  • Janet Metson Urman