All children should have the opportunity to grow up at Pressman Academy.

When I first came to Pressman in 2014, I asked parents, students and faculty what made our school a special place. Repeatedly,  in small groups and on surveys, in individual conversations and in large forums, everyone talked about the community of our school. I could see some of this right away — the ways parents and children support each other in difficult times, the culture of collegiality amongst the staff, and the love our community has for this school.

Now that I have been here for several years, I realize our community is more than simply a nice place to be – our community inspires students’ academic growth, allows teachers and faculty to expand their abilities and talents in the classroom, and engages parents in sharing talents. Our community inspires the best in everyone. I see our community in fourth graders when they work in a collaborative group to build a robot, helping each other work through frustration to create objects that can move and complete tasks. I see our community in first graders during their siddur ceremony, as they show off their ability to read in Hebrew while they compliment and marvel at each others’ siddur covers. I see our community in the middle school, where students cheer for other students’ academic accomplishments. And I see our community in the teachers and faculty, as they work together to understand how to best teach the students in our school. We are a community of learners, a community of support, a community of innovators and a community of engagement.

I invite you to read through our website, visit our school, speak with our students, families and staff, and experience the community for yourself. I think you will agree with me, that all children should have the opportunity to grow up in the Pressman Academy community.


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Erica Rothblum

Head of School