Hugim - After School Enrichment

Hugim - After School Enrichment

An important aspect of the Pressman Academy is to foster lifelong learners with a well-rounded education.  However, lifelong learning is not just for the classroom… it is for all aspects of life.  Lifelong learners have a passion and drive for excellence and achievement.  They thrive when given challenges and they look forward to honing their skills.  They are always looking for the next adventure.

Our afterschool program offers students a chance to become lifelong learners outside the classroom.  We have assembled a wide array of activities with outstanding instructors.  Whether it is the fine arts, physical movement, music, or other specialty areas, there is something for each child to explore, experience, and shine.  We are confident that our programs will bring your child hours of learning and enjoyment in our warm, caring atmosphere.

As a psychologist, educator, and parent of two, I know the value of participation in afterschool activities.  They provide children with opportunities to learn new skills, increase their social interactions with peers, and develop confidence.  In addition, the research on participation in afterschool activities is clear:  children who participate in afterschool programs do better in school and are less likely to be affected by negative pressures of growing up.  When you plan your child’s afterschool activities this year, please consider our hugim program.

We look forward to your child’s participation in our afterschool program.


Michelle D. Porjes, Ed.S.

Coordinator of Student Services and Afterschool Programming

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