Early Childhood

Early Childhood

The Rabbi Jacob Pressman Academy is an educational arm of Temple Beth Am.  The Academy consists of an Early Childhood Center, Day School, and Religious School.  We support the synagogue in its commitment to God, Torah, Conservative Judaism and its institutions, the broader Jewish community, and the state of Israel.  We promote the egalitarian and halachic (Jewish legal) practices of Temple Beth Am.  The Academy encourages families to lead active Jewish lives; children need to be part of a community of shared values.  We teach a balanced, rigorous curriculum in which Judaic and Hebrew studies enhance and enrich secular studies in an atmosphere of mutual kindness and respect.

We believe in the education of the whole child.  Learning includes more than the acquisition of specific knowledge.  The Early Childhood Center endeavors to help our children grow and mature academically, religiously, socially, and physically.

We believe that learning is lifelong.  The Early Childhood Center seeks to develop a love of learning.  Our ultimate goal is to help children develop tools that will allow them to learn independently throughout their lives.

We believe that education is communal.  Parents, teachers, and staff must be models of the values we hold.  The Academy strives to build community within the classroom, school, and synagogue, and among our families.
Our goal is to teach children faith in God, commitment to Torah and mitzvot (religious obligations), midot (qualities of ethical behavior), and a respectful and caring attitude toward others and to establish a standard of academic excellence.