Welcome Back

Welcome Back

Welcome Back

You, our alumni, are a vital part of our Kehillah (community) and a lasting legacy of our institution.

Do you remember all the friends you made at Pressman? Do you remember the songs you sang together in Hebrew at your class celebrations? Do you remember those purple Pressman t-shirts you had to wear on field trips? Do you remember the feeling of walking across the bimah at graduation? Our graduates often remark that they grew up within the walls of our warm and welcoming school.

The Pressman Academy Alumni Association is committed to providing a forum for students to return to their second home. We welcome you back home and look forward to hearing all that you have accomplished.

Our Alumni Association helps alumni remain in touch with one another and remember the many fond memories we have shared together. We hope to foster networking, both personally and professionally, and continue to create opportunities for our alumni to come together and make new memories.

If you are interested in volunteering with current students at Pressman, joining us for school-wide events, or being a part of an Alumni Committee to plan alumni gatherings throughout the year, please email Michelle Barton at or Inez Tiger at

We would love to hear from you and look forward to being in touch!
-Pressman Academy Alumni Association