Endowment and Planned Giving

Endowment and Planned Giving

Endowment Fund

Endowment provides permanent funds that Pressman Academy can rely on year after year, generation to generation.  It is vital that Pressman Academy establish long-term financial stability.  Endowment funds ensure that the Academy will be able to plan and carry out innovative projects, attract outstanding faculty and staff, and provide tuition assistance without putting additional pressures on operating funds.  Contributions made to the endowment are 100% tax deductible.

Named Endowment Funds

Pressman Academy has established named endowment fund opportunities that target specific areas in each of its three schools for donors who have an interest in making a major contribution to the long-term stability of Pressman Academy.  Named endowment opportunities begin at $25,000.

General Endowment Fund

Pressman Academy has also established a general unrestricted endowment for all families in its Day School and Early Childhood Center.  Each Day School family will pay a $300 annual general endowment contribution and each Early Childhood Center family will pay a $200 annual general endowment contribution.  The general endowment fund enables all Pressman Academy families to share in the effort to ensure that the Academy will remain a school of excellence into the next generation.

Planned Giving

Planned giving offers the opportunity to make a gift to the Pressman Academy today, but plan when the assets you are giving are actually transferred to the school.  Gifts may be made from stocks, bonds, retirement funds, and/or real estate.  Your gift, and the income it generates for Pressman Academy, becomes a commitment to perpetuating the future vitality of the school for the next generation.


Pressman Academy has successfully completed  Generations LA, a program of the PEJE Endowment and Legacy Institute, BJE: Center for Excellence in Day School Education, and AVI CHAI Foundation. During this three-year program, Pressman Academy received professional, technical and financial assistance and cash gifts.  We are happy to report we have raised over 1.5 million dollars in cash and legacy committments. Cash gifts recieved during this period were eligible for a 1:4 match from the Lainer Day School Endowment Fund.

Our work in buidling our endowment is just beginning. For more information about Field of Interest Endowment Funds, Hilary Hellman,  Director of Advancement, at or by phone at 310-652-7354 x 205.